Model MV-V203
Display 10.4” high visibility color TFT display
Ventilation Mode A/C, IPPV, SIPPV,IMV, SIMV, PSV, Standby, SPONT, MANUAL
Minute Volume ≥18L
Back-up Power Supply At least 4 hours
Tidal Volume Adjustable range: 50-1500ml; Display range: 0-2000ml
Respiratory Rate 1-99bpm
(I:E) Ratio 4:1-1:4
PEEP 0-10cmH2O
SIMV Rate 1-20bpm
Inspiratory Pressure Trigger -10-10cmH2O
Trigger Sensitivity(flow) 1-10L/m
Inspiratory Plateau Adjustable from 0-50% of inspiratory time
Adjustable Oxygen Concentration 45-100% 21-100%
Gas Supply Requirement 280-600kPa medical grade oxygen and compressed air
Pressure Limit 1.0-6.0kPa
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure ≤6.0kPa
Tidal Volume Alarm Upper limit: 10-2000ml; Lower limit: 0-1800ml
Airway Pressure Alarm Upper limit: 0.1-6.0kPa; Low limit: 0-5kPa
Oxygen Concentration Alarm Upper limit: 22-100%; Low limit: 21-80%


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