Has been approved in the USA

This was developed in China and has been used throughout the county and worldwide and sold millions.
It is fast and accurate then the others on the market. Why wait days when in 15 minutes we can tell them if it safe to go home or go to the hospital and put the patient is isolation and start curing them instead of waiting hours or days for results and have them infect more people.
We can sell 100,000 day and they are getting sold out very quickly. We can ship air freight FOB Singapore
We will get you a quote in 24 hours of less.
We are competing with the rest of the world and they are in short supply, maybe in 3 months the price could drop or even go up.


Regarding the instant coronavirus tester, see and read all the detail with the information that will give you a better understanding of the product.

The price is USD per piece, net air freight included

Testing Kit